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United Nations Documents: Organization of the United Nations

Guide to Drew University's United Nations Materials.



CHART of the organizational structure United Nations. The chart lists the main UN organs and major subsidiary and related bodies. It does not list all UN related organizations. Hyperlinks to listed organizations are provided on the chart.

Alphabetic List of all United Nations related organizations, with hyperlinks to websites. Use this site to browse for the name of any UN body or related agency. You can also search for agencies by theme or topic. Links to agencies are provided.

Social and Economic Development - Links to General Assembly and Economic and Social Council programs focused on social and economic development. A useful compilation of programs which comprise the bulk of UN activity.

Index to UN Systems Programs - Alphabetical list of issues considered by General Assembly and Social and Economic Council agencies and related bodies devoted to social or economic development, with hyperlinks to relevant websites.

Chief Executive Board - "The United Nations System Chief Executives Board (CEB) for Coordination - formerly the Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) - is the forum which brings the executive heads of all organizations to further coordination and cooperation on the whole range of substantive and management issues facing the United Nations system."  Links to CEB member websites are provided.

The United Nations provides direct and indirect oversight and funding for hundreds of organizations, programs, funds, research, training institutes, other UN entities, functional commissions, related organizations, departments and offices.

  The United Nations is composed of six major organs.

General Assembly comprised of the following standing committees:

Economic and Social Council

  • There are numerous subsidiary bodies that report directly to the Economic and Social Council.
  • The Economic and Social Council also coordinates the activities of sixteen International Government Organizations (IGO's), or "Specialized Agencies ".

Security Council


  • There are numerous departments within the Secretariat.

International Court of Justice

Trusteeship Council

  • Composed of the permanent Security Council members. With the last of the 11 Trust Territories removed from the administrative authority of the UN in 1994, this Council no longer meets on a regular basis, and will reconvene when a need arises.

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