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Media at the Drew Library: Streaming Video Options

Drew Library makes video and audio available in several formats, for use by students, faculty and staff. This Guide explains the options.

Kanopy Streaming Video

Access Kanopy through the Library's website - Research resources - Resources by Title A-Z. Kanopy makes available over 18,000 titles, mostly documentaries.  All Kanopy films come with public performance rights.  

If you are off-campus,YOU MUST BE SIGNED INTO THE DREW NETWORK TO VIEW FILMS.   It is NOT necessary to create a Kanopy account in order to view films.  

Tips for searching in Kanopy 

You may create a Kanopy account in order to  manage your personal profile details, watchlist, recently watched films, comments, and more. 

Create Clips and Playlists

Sharing clips and Playlists 

For additional information on using Kanopy,  see the help information for viewers

Important note about Kanopy: 

Our Kanopy subscription is on a "trigger" system.   We have access to all Kanopy films.  When a film is viewed for the fourth time, Drew automatically pays a licensing fee for a year.  (Viewing a unique film for 30 seconds or more counts as a trigger.)  Please help us conserve the Library's resources by keeping this in mind when reviewing films in the Kanopy database. 


All Streaming Video Services

Drew subscribes to these streaming video services: 

All streaming videos are purchased or licensed content, limited to current authorized Drew students, faculty and staff.  You may link to them in Moodle.

A note to faculty about stability: Some of our streaming services  provide a changing selection of items. It is recommended that you check each semester whether the item you plan to use in class is still available. Items should be stable for the length of a semester. 

See boxes for additional information  about Swank and Kanopy. 

Swank Digital Campus

Drew's Swank database contains popular films which Drew has licensed for use by Drew authorized users.   Public performance rights are NOT included in all Swank Films; however, films may be shown to a class. 

The best way to search for films that are already available to Drew users is to go to Swank and browse the available films.   You may also search for films by category,  or in advanced search,  by title, director, cast, release year, etc. 

When you access Swank, a message may pop up on the screen asking if you are a student or instructor. 



If faculty chooses "instructor", you will be asked to register. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO REGISTER.  You may click "no thanks" on the next screen to continue your search.  You may choose to register,  which enables to you to search the entire Swank database and request films directly from the screen.   However, be advised that Swank does not provide a "forgot password" link for the future sign-ons. 

You may also get to Swank through the Library's research resources page,  then Resources by title, A-Z list,  S for Swank. 

When off-campus, you must be signed in to the Drew network in order to view films. 

Swank Digital Campus contains many other films which may not be currently licensed by Drew. If a required film is not available in Drew's Swank database, a faculty member may request  that the Library add it. 

To search the entire Swank database for a film, go to Swank Digital Campus.  Going to this link ensures that you are searching for films available to college campuses. 

On this screen,  search for the film by title: 

If the film is available,  send an email to to request that the film be added.  PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 72 HOURS for the film to be added. 

Adding a film to Moodle:

To share a link to Moodle, or  send a film link through email: 

  1. Search for a title in Drew's Swank database. 
  2. Click on the title's image

3. Choose "Copy Direct Link"  or "Copy LMS Link" 

Searching the Library Catalog for films

Another way of searching for streaming films is through the Drew Library catalog .   Limit your search to Video, streaming: 

and search for the title or keyword. To search specifically for Kanopy or Swank, choose "online" in the location drop down, and enter "kanopy" or "swank" in the keyword box. 

NOTE:   There is a time lag between availability in the  Swank or Kanopy  database and visibility in the catalog.  If the film does not show up in the catalog, search directly in Kanopy or Swank

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