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Center for Academic Excellence: Make an Appointment

The Center for Academic Excellence and the University Writing Center are home to all your academic support needs.

Instructions for Making an Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment
WCOnline has recently changed its interface. When you first log in, you will be offered a new method of scheduling an appointment. If you prefer the traditional calendar method, edit your Profile & Communication Options (under Welcome, NAME) and scroll to System Preferences: "Default to the schedule calendar view instead of the standard "appointment search" display."


First: Select a Schedule

  • Center for Academic Excellence - Spring 2023: Use this schedule for subject-specific, content-area support as well as academic coaching.
  • University Writing Center - Spring 2023: Use this schedule for all writing support across all courses as well as academic coaching.
*Looking for a specific tutor, writing specialist, or academic coach? Check both schedules as some staff fulfill multiple roles.


Then Schedule Your Appointment
  • Use the LIMIT TO list to narrow your search to your required course or focus. 
  • Complete the Appointment Form. Select whether you want to meet in-person or online.
  • By Appointment Only (BAO) appointments must be made 24 hours in advance or the available time is removed. 
  • Drop-In Onsite Sessions do not require an appointment. Look for the tutor named DROP IN to verify the day, time, location, and subject.


Lastly, Attend Your Appointment!

  • Arrive on time for your appointment in person or online.
  • Bring all needed materials, including practice problems, writing drafts, assignment guidelines, schedules, etc.
  • Be prepared to interact! All sessions are collaborative and conversational.
Important Information
Email the CAE at or the UWC at

Questions? Need Help? Email

Drew University Library,