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Center for Academic Excellence: Online Tools for Studying

The Center for Academic Excellence and the University Writing Center are home to all your academic support needs.

Vocabulary Memorization

  • Quizlet: this website allows users to make free digital flashcards. You can review your course’s content with these flashcards, games and learning tools.
    • Flash cards: good for vocabulary terms, concepts, figures in history 
    • Games: Quizzing yourself through games (“write,” “gravity,” and “match”)
      • (available when you click on a set of flashcards)

    • Available online and as an app on Apple and Android 

      • (the free option has most of the needed amenities)

    • Good for studying terms for exams, but you may also want to make physical flashcards if that is more effective for your studying, as writing helps your brain remember information more successfully

Mapping Big Concepts

Use these links to assist in your understanding of big ideas and essential questions

  • Go Conqr Mindmap: this tool allows students to “connect the dots” to visualize their learning.
    • The mindmap tool is good for understanding big ideas and the “branches” of the main concept.

  • Jamboard: this is an interactive whiteboard you add to individually or with collaborators

    • Adding “post it notes” and other textboxes to see a concept visually.

To Do Lists

Use these tools to organize your tasks and assignments.


These websites and apps will help you keep track of your schedule.

  • Google Calendar: this Google features allows you to enter events into your calendar. You can use it while logged into your Drew Gmail.

    • You can see your month, week, and daily events

    • Events can be color coded, recurring, 

    • You can also add reminders or goals

    • Invite classmates to study sessions with “add people” feature

    • Add location and/or video conference links

    • Allow professors and classmates to view your busy/free times with the search option on desktop

    • Available as a free app on Android and iPhone

    • Videos for how to use Google Calendar

  • Zoho: this is another calendar app that is very similar to Google Calendar.

    • You can create group calendars--great for projects and teamwork

    • You can use a separate calendar for work/school so you can keep track of your various commitments

Time management and focus

These resources are helpful for staying on task, especially within a busy and energy-consuming schedule.

  • Youtube timers

    • Search for any amount of time on YouTube and you can find videos with countdowns so you can get your work done

  • Study music

    • If music is helpful for you to keep focus, search “study playlists” on YouTube or Spotify and there’s a wealth of resources.

Researching resources

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