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Choosing your research tools: Catalog: Basic Searching and Search Tips

This information about how and what research tool to use will help you begin your research with confidence.

Basic Searching

Once you are in the catalog, you can combine terms when searching.

TIP: If you place a phrase (e.g. "Christian mysticism") in quotations marks, it will be treated as a phrase or unit:



TIP: If you join search terms on the same line with AND, the results will be same:



TIP: You can search by keyword (= anywhere), or by author, title, or subject, using the drop down menu:



TIP 1: To limit to items published within a certain time period, use the pub year boxes:



TIP 2: You can use the drop down menus to limit by item type (e.g., book or video), by language (e.g. English or Spanish), and by location (e.g., online or on the shelf or in reference):




TIP 3: If you are looking for works with the same stem (e.g., mystic, mysticism, mystical), use the truncation symbol (= *):



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