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DSEMs 2023-2024: Library resources for first year students: Library Help for DSEM

A guide designed for students new to Drew University Library that provides foundational information for academic research in the coming years.

Welcome to Drew!

The Library is here to help you adjust and fit in to your new academic environment. University success requires accessing and using information in ways that are a little different than most are used to. The library works with students to find appropriate information sources, use these sources properly, and understand how information is created.

Information literacy refers to the skills and knowledge a university student needs to master in order to perform academically at the university level.  He have an introductory video on this webpage called "5 components of information literacy" for a good summary. In short: it's knowing when you need to find information, having the skills to find the information you need, the tools to analyze and evaluate the information when you find it, and the ability to ethically (and legally) incorporate that information into your own work. 

You'll be working with many academic tools during your time at Drew -- get started learning about them by visitng our Library 101 Library Guide.


**Free stuff:** Speaking of information, make sure to get your free subscription to the NYTimes through Drew Library. You can also get the Wall Street Journal too.  Got questions? Please contact the Library at

What is information literacy?

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