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Freedom School Project: Schedule 2019

Events: Spring 2019


Introduction to Theatre of the Oppressed with Julian Boal

In this workshop, participants will begin to explore some of the techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed, which Brazilian theatre director and theorist Augusto Boal developed with the belief that theatre could be a space for “rehearsal for the revolution.” In Theatre of the Oppressed, participants become “spect-actors” rather than spectators. They analyze oppression, share knowledge with one another, and mobilize the knowledge they already have in the struggle for emancipation. Theatre of the Oppressed has spread around the world in the last several decades, capturing the imaginations and energies of activists and artists in drastically varying contexts: cities, villages, schools, theaters, activist collectives, widespread social movements, etc

A Theatre Department event co-sponsored by The Everyday Ethics Initiative, WGST, Freedom School, and Civic Engagement



"Dismantling the Racism Machine: Myths Taught to White People that Perpetuate White Supremacy" with Dr. Karen Gaffney

Why is it that white people have such powerful beliefs that make it so challenging for them to acknowledge the persistence of systemic racism and their participation in these systems? This workshop will identify 3 core myths that white people are taught that contribute to the perpetuation of white supremacy. These myths include the false beliefs that race is biological, that race, including whiteness, have always existed, and that the systemic racism is no longer a serious problem. Based on Dr. Karen Gaffney’s book Dismantling the Racism Machine: A Manual and Toolbox, this interactive workshop will give participants an opportunity to apply the ideas presented and create an action plan.


Dr. Karen Gaffney

Dr. Karen Gaffney is Professor of English at Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey. As a white anti-racist educator, she presents at national conferences, facilitates community workshops, and shares resources on her blog Divided No Longer (available at Her recent book, Dismantling the Racism Machine: A Manual and Toolbox (Routledge, 2018), is an accessible and interdisciplinary introduction to race and racism with tools for action. She currently serves as a Public Scholar for the NJ Council for the Humanities.




Freedom School Workshop with Rev. Alex da Silva Souto: 

Peace through "Bread & Roses" 

The framing for our workshop is inspired by this quote by Lilla Watson:
“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. 

If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine,

then let us work together.”

                                    Words used by Lilla Watson, Aboriginal elder, artist, activist and educator from Queensland, Australia.


Sem Hall Atrium



1. Review the Radical Solidarity Webinar

2. Consider reading a few of the blogposts in “Our Stories” of UM-Forward.

3. Suggested online reading for allies of people of color + trans + queer people:

4. Suggested books:
  • Where Do We Go From Here? Honest Response from Twenty-Four United Methodist Leaders, compiled by Kevin Slimp
  • White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo
  • Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation, by Jennifer Harvey



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