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Freedom School Project: Action Events 2017-18

Social Media Action Event (9/27/17)

Social Action: Rodney Gilbert Memorial Lecture & Salon (2/15/18)

Social Action: In Memoriam Rodney Gilbert (2/25/18)

Social Action: Personal Safety (3/22/18)


The IMPACT workshop, a program of Prepare, Inc. (,) is the introduction to a personal safety program, and includes physical, verbal, and psychological skills and strategies. Techniques are taught in the context of realistic scenarios and tailored to individuals in the workshop. Furthermore, the use of trained instructors in full padding allows for the learning and practicing of full contact, full force physical self-defense skills. Drew University has been working with Prepare, Inc. to offer personal safety training to members of the Drew community for 18 years. (Registration Required, ) Freedom School's Personal Safety Workshop Hannah Kohn, a participant in the IMPACt workshop shared the following in her blog“Fight My Fight.” “Through taking part in self-defense training, I have come to understand why my involvement in bystander intervention wasn’t enough to allow me to recognize assaults upon my own body: its sole focus is on rescuing others, and so my perspective never faced inwards. Only through learning to protect myself did I come to recognize what it meant to be personally harmed.” Co-Sponsored by Psychology Department and Title IX Office

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