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Freedom School Project: Workshops 2017-18

Workshop Format

Most Freedom School Workshops are held from 6-8pm. They begin with a light communal meal (6-6:30). The workshop follows immediately after the meal.

Workshops 2017-18

Safety Pin Box is a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation. Box memberships are a way to not only financially support Black femme freedom fighters, but also complete measurable tasks in the fight against white supremacy.

Leslie Mac will be coming to us with another staff member, Paige Ingram, to train allies in the struggle for Black Liberation.  Here is their description of "allies:"

“Ally” is the term commonly used to refer to someone from a privileged group who supports the efforts of oppressed people. White “allies” support Black people in their pursuit of full liberation from anti-Blackness and white supremacy. This support is given wholly and unabashedly and is demonstrated financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Allies to not define what it is to be an ally, rather allyship is defined by the oppressed people being supported. If Black people choose to have white people a part of their freedom work at all, they reserve the right to fully define what allyship they require.

There are many issues with “allies”, both the term itself and how it manifests practically. We use the term “ally” to broadly identify white people who looking to support Black liberation both with their resource and with their deeds.

Many will claim they are allies, few will do the work necessary to demonstrate their commitment to eradicating white supremacy. Ally work is a privilege and not a right. No white people are entitled to Black revolutionary efforts or Black spaces. Ever.

Liza Jessie Peterson

I will be discussing my 18 year journey of working with incarcerated adolescents at Rikers Island, how it began and how it cultivated my understanding of the prison industrial complex. How I tumbled down the rabbit hole of mass incarceration and how it informed my art. I will read an excerpt from my book ALL DAY; A Year of Love and Survival Teaching Incarcerated Kids at Rikers Island and perform a short excerpt from my one woman show The Peculiar Patriot.

Some small group work will follow the presentation.


Politics For the Common Goods: Lizzie Foley
Is it possible to influence our political system to promote the common good? 
How do we hold elected officers accountable to public needs instead of special interest groups? In this workshop, Lizzie Foley will lead us through a discussion of how citizens can influence the political system to serve the greater good.  

Subversive Music for the Soul: Singing as a Communal Act of Spiritual Resistance with Professor Mark Miller

Throughout history we have seen the power and inspiration that has come from music, particularly communal singing. Music and singing have often been the lifeblood of social movements, creating identity and energizing people around a common goal. In this hour of power we will sing ancient/future songs that can be learned and taught to others, igniting the spark of justice, peace and love.

New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NJCASA) with Sarah Bear

#NoFilter: Media Literacy and Online Activism

It is no surprise that social media has become another tool in the activist toolbox. As social justice advocates, we seek to generate culture change and create safer communities for those who have experienced systemic oppression. These efforts must include online spaces, where much of our culture exists in the 21st century. "#NoFilter: Media Literacy and Online Activism" will explore the intersections of sexual violence and oppression as well as the ways media can contribute to oppressive, harmful norms that allow sexual violence to occur. Participants will practice deconstructing media pieces to find the intended or unintended hidden messages to help inform their own social media activism. Participants will learn how social media activism is important and plays a role in social movements and culture change.

New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault

609-631-4450 x 1208 |




Passionate about social media activism?

Check out our Social Media Ambassador program!



Freedom School Workshop: Practices for Bystander Intervention with Prof. Marissa Metelica

Have you ever walked away from a situation wishing you had acted or spoken up for yourself or someone else?

In this workshop, we will use games and role play to practice the real life skills of interrupting injustice in classrooms, living rooms, and public realms. While solutions to complicated situations don’t have one-size-fits-all fix, participants will be given some concrete strategies to try out, and we will discover solutions collectively. Everyone will emerge from the workshop with real tools and hands-on practice that can be applied in the larger world.


Human Trafficking with Shanel Garcia & The NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Modern Day Slavery, is there really such a thing? Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery, a crime committed nationally and internationally. In this training workshop we care to teach, inform and encourage action in ending human trafficking in the state of NJ. The Freedom School of Drew University proudly teams up with the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking where we will be learning all we need to know on how to take action on this very important topic.  

“Humanity means honesty, care and community in its truest and purest form.” – S.G.   

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