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Google Scholar: Features

Information about Google Scholar and tips on how to use it


‚ÄčThe Save feature (the Save icon looks like a star) allows you to save search results in your GS Library. undefined

The Cite feature (the Cite icon looks like one set of quotation marks) allows you to cite your item using various citation styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). NOTA BENE: The GS-generated citations are not always reliable. Be sure to check them for accuracy. Below is a picture of the feature and the corresponding citation options:undefined

The Cited By feature allows you to see which other scholars have used or cited your item. This is very useful when you are trying to build a bibliography. In our example below, 1672 other works cite our article, This suggests that it has been influential in the field since some many others have cited it.If you click on the "cited by (+ number) link, all the corresponding references (in this case, all 1672 items) will appear.undefined

The All Versions feature: sometimes the result you select may exist in more than one version. Fox example, it may be available through the journal where the article was published and through the author's own website or through some other source like an institutional repository. Often it is valuable to explore these various versions.


Link to source: often you will see a link (sometimes even more than one link) in the right column. This link will provide access to the retrieved item. Click on the link to retrieve the source. For further details, see the "Retrieving the Resource" box.


The Create Alert feature allows you to have Google Scholar email you when new articles covered by your search are indexed. To do that, click on the "Create Alert" button at the bottom of the left column of your search results page.


Then fill in the blanks in the Alert box with your email address, and click "Create Alert."


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