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BCHEM/CHEM 395: Research in Chemistry

Resources for upper level students involved in research in the field of Chemistry


Manipulating Search Results

Answering the question: How will I make this?

Working in the Lab and need to develop an experiment to create a known compound? How about synthesizing an unknown or "novel" compound? SciFinder-n can help with this and other questions related to crafting or adjusting the synthesis process. View the webinar below to get a good overview of this powerful tool. Time stamps are listed for ease of use.

How will I Make This? Retrosynthetic analysis for novel and known compounds with SciFinder-n. (32:00)

(2:17) Creating a Retrosynthesis plan for a known compound

(4:20) Finding evidence for Retrosynthesis plan (reference reactions)

(4:42)) Examining alternative steps

(15:45) Creating a retrosynthesis plan for a novel compound

(25:55) Accessing the experimental steps for retrosynthesis of a novel compound

(27:30) Using filters to locate reactions that address a variety of specific factors or parameters, e.g. solvents

(30:45) Obtaining experimental protocols, i.e. a print copy of the step-by-step reaction

Step-by-step instructions for creating a retrosynthesis plan.

Using PubMed

Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)

LibKey Nomad


Search e-journals

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