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SciFinder-n: registering and using this resource

Information designed to help searchers use SciFinder effectively.

Access to SciFinder and SciFinder-n

Access to SciFinder-n is available to Drew Faculty, Staff and Students. 

For first time users of SciFinder products, you must sign up for a separate login and password through SciFinder here:

By registering through the link above, users will go through a verification process that includes receiving an email verification. Normally you would need to register while on campus in Drew's IP range, but for now you should be able to register from any location. Please remember to use your Drew email address--and contact the Library if you encounter any problems.

Detailed instructions can be found at the link provided below. 

Access to SciFinder-n

Drew users and SciFinder-n

If you are already registered for SciFinder access, simply log onto SciFinder-n using your current SciFinder username and password. 

New to SciFinder and want access to SciFinder-n?

See the box above to register for a SciFinder account. You will be asked to create your individual user name and password. Make sure you are on campus when doing this. Once done, you may log onto SciFinder-n.

Have saved items you want to transfer from SciFinder to SciFinder-n?

You may migrate your saved answers and alerts ("Keep Me Posted") from SciFinder to SciFinder-n. Go HERE for a list of what will migrate and step-by-step instructions from SciFinder. Bottom line: you can do this by clicking the Bookmark icon in SciFInder-n to access the migration feature, found on the Saved Answers page.

Are you trying to access SciFinder-n off campus or using a wireless connection?

If you are off campus or using a wireless connection, please make sure you use this link to log onto the database. 


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