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New Student Library Orientation: Home

Information about the Library to help new students at Drew University.


We're so glad you're at Drew! 

Make sure to plan to use the Library -- both our website and our in-person resources. Why? Because it's good for you and your GPA! Studies show that students who use the Library and its website have higher than average GPAs and are more likely to graduate on time than students who do not use the library. 

Many people once thought of a "library" as a book warehouse but that has changed dramatically. At Drew you'll find lots more than books--there's group study space, research help, the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) and so much more. 

When we say "library" we mean more than just the books and buildings. A library is:

  • The website with search tools, online books, journals, streaming videos, and tutorials.
  • The librarians, staff, and students ready to help you get started with papers and projects, find and use information, and help you get the grades you want. 

Our library is more than just a building. You can connect virtually with our librarians and staff and access millions of books and many services and resources online. 

Adapted from: U of Minnesota Libraries

Look now

Get plugged into Drew's resources now! Make sure to sign up for your subscription to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to get access right away. See below for info about that and other great resources.

You've probably already got Netflix or Hulu, so check out the great content on Drew's streaming service Kanopy. 

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