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Search Results

Screenshot of a sample search results page with key items numbered.

Diagram Key

  1. Author, you may click the link to find other materials authored by this person.
  2. Availability indicator. If an items is checked out or not on the shelf, the item will be Unavailable.
  3. Use this button to place a hold on the book to pick up later.
  4. Information on where the book is physically located in the library.
  5. This link shows online information available about this book. ("Online Access" may not mean the text of the book is available online.)
  6. These are the books located near the selected item on the shelf. Similar books are located near each other, so this is a useful way to expand your search to new items.
  7. Subjects are another VERY useful tool for finding more useful sources.
  8. Additional information about the book is located below.
  9. The cover of the selected edition may be presented here.

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