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ScholarSearch: What is it?: Getting the resource

Information about Drew Library's discovery service, with tips on how to use it

Getting the resources

You've done your search and found some useful results -- now it's time to get the resources and read them. See below for where to find them through ScholarSearch.  Take a peek at the video tutorial for further details.

Where to get the resources you found through ScholarSearch

If you see: PDF or HTML Full Text

On the results screen, you will see various options for obtaining full text if it is available at the Drew Library.  In this example, the article is available by clicking on either the  HTML screen version or  a downloadable PDF.

If you see: Link to a database

In this example, the link takes you to the database where you may access the article.

If you see: Find it at Drew

"Find it at Drew" takes you to a page with links to the full text. 

If you see: ScienceDirect

Drew students have several options for obtaining full-text from ScienceDirect, depending on availability of Library services. Please go HERE for more detailed information.

If you see: Not available online

The results screen may give you other options if the full text is not readily available online. 

First, click on "Check for full text on Google Scholar" to see if the article is openly available (free) . 

If not, click on "Request Through Interlibrary Loan"  to submit a request to the ILL office, which will obtain the article for you, usually within 2-3 business days. 


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