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ScienceDirect (SD)-- How to access ScienceDirect articles: For Drew University Students:

How to get full -text of Science Direct content

Strategies for students to access Science Direct full-text

Students may access pay-per-download articles from ScienceDirect journals outside of Drew University's Core Subscription package  by submitting a request through email to or by using the Interlibrary Loan system. See instructions for both below.

Depending on when the request is submitted, the Librarian answering the Reference email may be able to supply the ScienceDirect article on the same day, Mon-Fri during business hours... while Interlibrary Loan may supply the desired article(s) sometime between 1-3 business days.  

*** NOTE: Students do NOT need to register in order to access or download articles.  They MAY register with Science Direct to keep track of Saved Citations, etc. 

ScienceDirect: Getting full-text: Student strategies

Step-by-step guide to obtain pay-per-download (ppd) articles

To obtain the desired article through reference email, Mon-Fri during business hours: 

  • First, look for the article by title in GoogleScholar. If you were unable to obtain full-text there, submit your request through email to 
  • Copy the article's citation or simply supply the article title and author to the Library through email at You should receive the article of interest via email on the same or next business day. 

Getting to full-text...

  • If you are searching in Science Direct, to get the article citation, see the screenshot below for the more info.
  • If you've found the article in Scholarsearch, select "cite" in the tools section on the right of the webpage and copy and paste the formatted citation into an email and send to the Library at

Getting to full-text (2)...

When in ScienceDirect

  • Highlight and copy the citation information from ScienceDirect as shown in the screenshot below and email to the Library at

Getting to full-text (5)...

To obtain the desired Pay-Per-Download article through InterLibrary Loan:

  • From ScholarSearch, click “Use ILL to obtain article" if you prefer not to email See screenshot below.
  • Sign into your ILL account and the article information will automatically fill in the appropriate spots in the form.
  •  Type '0' in the spot marked “Max you are willing to pay”
  •  Choose Yes or No in the field: "Have you checked the Drew Catalog or 'Find Journals' list to see if we own this item? " 
  • Click “Submit request”.
  • From the ScienceDirect database, copy and paste title of the article of interest into ScholarSearch. Select the article you are seeking from the results and request through email or through the InterLibrary Loan Link provided. 
  • You should receive the article in 1-3 business days after submitting your request.

    Please contact the Research Help Desk at the Library (973- 408-3588) or email if you have additional questions or concerns.

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