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Advanced Search

Advanced Search is the default interface. You can use the "Select a Field" Option to limit your search by author, title, subject etc.

To broaden a search, use alternative terms connected by OR

To narrow a search, use AND, which takes the intersection of the terms combined

Use parentheses to determine the order in which terms are combined. 

Scripture Tab

Use the Scriptures tab to search for articles on specific Bible passages.


The Scripture tab will give you a list of the biblical books in canonical order. You can search by book (click on the title), by chapter and by verse (click on "expand")

Limit your Search

Below the search box on the ATLA home or landing page, you will find several ways to limit or refine your search. For example, you can limit to full text or peer-reviewed materials or you can limit by publication type (e.g., only articles or only books) or by language (only English materials, only Spanish, etc.)

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