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New York Times at the Drew Library: For Faculty- NYT in Education

What is NY Times InEducation?

The New York Times InEducation is an instructional resource site.

The InEducation and Learning Network sites feature: 

·     Over 1,000 resources published each year to ensure materials are relevant and up to date 

·       Lesson plans 

·       News and geography quizzes 

·       Student opinion questions 

·       Picture prompts and graph prompts 

·       Current events conversations 

·       Writing curriculum 

·       Contests 

·       Professional development webinars 

Faculty from higher education provide commentary, articles and questions to guide classroom discussion, and curricular prompts.

Resources are arranged in defined areas of study, with new subjects being added frequently

American Government ● Arts & Visual Culture ● Biology ● Business ● Campaigns & Elections ● Criminal Justice ● Environmental Sciences ● International Relations ● Leadership ● Macroeconomics ● Microeconomics ● Nursing and Health ● Psychology ● Religious Studies ● Sociology ● Writing and English Composition

Other areas within the site include

Learning Tools Guidebook

How else can you bring the NYT into your classroom?

Accessing and using NYTimes InEducation

  1. Visit
  2. Select the link “Register” at the upper right hand corner.
  3. Create an account using your Drew email address as your username, and create a password. 


Discover The Times’s growing library of curated content from influential educators around the world, recommended articles, and real life teaching applications. Select your area of interest to begin exploring.



The Learning Network

The Learning Network is The New York Times’s award-winning curricular tool offering Activities for
Students and Resources for Teachers. This curricular tool provides dynamic content and activities
invaluable for today’s classroom. While geared towards an audience of native English-speaking high schoolers, the
lessons, prompts, and activities can fuel critical thinking at different levels and are used by colleges and professors all
over the world.

Look in the Learning Tools Guidebook box for more information.

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