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Subject Guide: Neuroscience: Citation searching

Citation searching tips

Keep up with the newest literature on a subject of interest by using this strategy: locate the most important previously published papers and then track where those papers are being cited, i.e. included in the references of other papers. You can do this by using the citation searching capability of Web of Science, Google Scholar, and PubMed. See the images below for details.
Both Google Scholar & Web of Science allow you to create alerts for your searches or for citations, which will result in emails to you when new articles fitting your search or referencing a particular citation are added to their databases.

Citation searching tips

Citation searching: Web of Science - 1

Find the article you wish to track in Web of Science and pull up the entry. Here you'll see information about this article's citation network, e.g. how many times it has been cited.

Citation searching: Web of Science - 2

You'll need to sign in (or create a login) for Web of Science (which also works for Endnoteweb) to use the "Create citation alert" function. Once logged in, you can click the "Create citation alert" button to receive email when an article is cited or when new items could be retrieved by your initial search.

Citation searching: Web of Science - 3

Citation searching: Web of Science - 4

Citation searching: Google Scholar - 1

Looking at any record in Google Scholar also shows you the "Cited References" link:

Clicking on that link will let you see a list of items indexed by Google Scholar as having the item in their bibliography..

Citation searching: Google Scholar - 2

You can opt to enter more keywords here and check Search within citing articles to narrow down your results

Citation searching: Google Scholar - 3

Whenever doing a search in Google Scholar, you will be offered the option to create an alert where Google will email you if more items matching your search are retrieved later. Look for the "Create Alert" option in the lower left column of your search results.

Citation searching: Google Scholar - 4

Clicking on "Create Alert" brings up a new page.The "Alert query" shows you what you are searching for.

Enter your email address and click "Create Alert". Google will email you when more material is indexed that matches your search.

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