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EDUC 634: Inquiry in Literacy Instruction (National Writing Project Summer Institute): Home

Resources for students enagaged in the National Writing Project Summer Institute

Message from the Librarian

Message from the Librarian:


Educational research, like other forms of education, is a constructive, additive process.

Imagine your search for information to be similar to the shopping portion of Flea Market Flips or other HGTV reality show: you have an idea of what kind of pieces you need, and you have a pretty clear idea of your topic or theme. However, you don't know what you will find until you get out there and look. Once you have seen what pre-existing research is out there, you can begin to decide how you will use it to design and underpin your actual inquiry project.

Please see the video below for an introduction to Library resources. (about 6:45 min in total)

Video timestamps:

Finding articles: 2:31

Finding books 5:29

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