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EBSCO eBooks: For Library eBook Staff

Retrieving eBook Statistics

What statistical data are available for eBooks in EBSCOadmin?

The following statistical fields are available for eBooks when generating a Database report in EBSCOadmin:

  • eBook Online Full Text Requests — The total number of eBook full text requests when a user chooses to read eBook full text online in the EBSCOhost interface.

  • eBook Offline/Download Requests — The total number of eBook download requests when a user chooses to download an eBook and read it on either their computer or portable device.

Subscription Usage Reports

If you subscribe to eBook collections from EBSCO, you can access eBook Subscription Usage reports using the EBSCOadmin Reports and Statistics feature. To learn how to run eBook Subscription Usage reports, see the following FAQ on our Support Site:

How can I access eBook Subscription usage reports using EBSCOadmin?

Administrator FAQs

How can administrators modify the checkouts and holds settings for EBSCO eBooks?

  1. Log into EBSCOadmin at

  2. Click the Site/Group Maintenance button in the toolbar.

  3. Click the Go link below eBooks or Audiobooks to access the available settings.

    The eBooks or Audiobooks settings screen is displayed.

  4. Adjust your settings for Checkout Duration, Holds, Offline Downloads, etc.

  5. Click Submit.

For details on the Checkout and Holds settings and what they mean, please see EBSCO Connect.

How do I change the default start page for EBSCO eBooks?

The EBSCO eBooks database features a landing page that can be set as the default start page that users see when accessing the database.

To change the default start page:

  1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at

  2. Select the desired eBooks profile from the Choose Profile drop-down menu.

  3. Click the Databases Sub-Tab.

  4. Next to the eBooks database, select eBook Collection from the Start Page drop-down list.

  5. Click Submit.

Customizing EBSCO eBooks with EBSCOadmin

This tutorial demonstrates how administrators can use EBSCOadmin to customize the eBooks experience for their users.

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