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Citation Management: "How to" video tutorials - Endnote Web

Resources for managing information

Getting acquainted with Endnote Basic

I. Getting started

>> Why use a citation manager? (3:08) View the video below from Univ of York to learn about the benefits of CItation managment.



>> Setting up Endnote Web (aka Basic). (~8:00) Source: Wilkes University Library, Wilkes-Barre, PA

In the this video, the Librarian demonstrates select features of Endnote Web and describes how to set it up for use. Note: plan to use your Drew email and visit the Drew Library website to complete the actions the Librarian describes. When the narrator refers to "Wilkes," as in an email or a Library website, simply exchange "Wilkes" for "Drew."



II. Collecting citations in Endnote Basic

>> Adding citations from EBSCO databases (incl. Scholarsearch). (1:00) Source: Lancaster University Library, UK

In this video, the Librarian demonstrates how to export citations from an EBSCO database. It begins after they have completed their initial search.



>> Capture a reference feature: (1:45)  Use this handy feature when searching online or in a database. See the video below from UMD libraries about how to set it up and use it to export references from PubMed.



>>Add a reference to your Endnote Basic Library manually (1:02)



III. Organizing references 

>>Share citations with others. (2:00) View the video below for clear instructions on how to share your references with others.

Get busy writing using Endnote Basic

IV. Formatting a bibliography (1:47)



V. Using Cite while you Write to add citations in Microsoft Word (1:41)



>>Using Cite while you Write to insert references. (2:18)

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