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Open Access and Self-Archiving for Scholars: Drew Options

Do it Yourself

Domain of One's Own/Drew Domains

Drew Domains allows faculty and students to create their own website with a customized domain name and implementing a variety of website options. Announcement: 
For more information, contact Verna Holcombe by putting in a help request at, specifying Drew Domains.

Google Drive

You can publish material from your Google Drive by making a public link-- but you'll need to provide a pointer to it from somewhere. One suggestion would be from a Google Scholar Profile. Publishing links to it from Social Media would also work, but may not get it indexed in Google Scholar.

IT also still offers Google Sites as a platform. For more information, contact Nicole Pinto by putting in a help request at, specifying Google Sites.  (F:\\www\ )

This is an old-school way to provide information-- just storing material in your F drive in the folder www makes it visible on   Of course, again, you'll need to make links to your files if you want people to access them.

Institutional Repository

The Library and Institutional Technology are working together to bring up an Institutional Repository service, hopefully in late 2018. 

For images, audio and other materials, the university's Shared Shelf image repository service is also available.

For more information, contact Jennifer Heise, Coordinator for Digital Services.

Systems Librarian

Questions? Need Help? Email

Drew University Library,