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Drew Library Finals Guide : Spring 2023 edition: Home - Research Help & more

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Need the ideal place to work?

Top Ten Study Spaces


Last fall, the Top 10 best study spots at Drew was published in The Acorn. This spring, we have an update with some help from Evie the stuffed dog from the tech support desk. Here are some of Evie's favorite study spaces in the library. Details on quiet study and group study spaces are also available.

Evie in Tipple group study beta 


Evie finds the Tipple group study room on Level E to be a good place to get away from the crowds and study. The table lets her spread her materials out and the fireplace and portrait make the place feel serious and productive. 

She (and you) can reserve this space from the library circulation desk on Level C, reservations are needed to use this space and the group study rooms on level C. 

Evie in CornellThis is Evie in the Cornell room. She likes to come up to Level E and work in the Cornell room when her work calls for silent study. The Cornell room has tables, windows for natural light and is up a level from the entrance.


Other silent study areas include the Kean room on Level C, All of Level A and Level E. Basically, most of Level C is designated as quiet conversation space and the rest of the library is set aside for silent work. 


Evie knows that different projects require different environments, so she is careful to select the study space that meets her needs and takes care to be respectful of her fellow students.

Evie-on-couch The Kean room on Level C of the library is a grand chamber with murals, tables, and a formal aire that really helps Evie when she's reading and wants her surroundings to give a studious and academic context to her work.


This corner of the big chamber, with its soft couch, reading light on the side table, and marble floor really sets the stage for Evie to have long, focused reading sessions where she remembers what's she's read and is able to recall it at need, later.


The Kean room is set aside for silent study. All Drew students should all spend at least a few study sessions there. Throughout Drew's storied history, a lot of students have exercised their brains in that space and over time that learning seeps out into the communal ether and the collective wisdom can make studying there more effective.

Down in the compact stacks on Level A is a little nook that Evie likes to work on when her nerves are especially frayed. The lights are fluorescent and the furniture isn't new, but she can relax on soft chairs and use the table at the same time.


This combination of relaxation and less formal setting sometimes can put her brain in just the right state to study effectively and recall what she's covered when it counts. There's room down here for others to study with Evie, if they are quiet.


it's kind of janky, but Evie says this may be her favorite spot. There's just something about sitting on the soft furniture and using the table at the same time that helps her block out everything else going on and really concentrate on one thing at a time.

Music for Study

Can music or ambient sound environments help students study more effectively? A recent systematic review says it can. When it doesn't, the issue is frequently lyrics related, so here are 3 study music / ambient sound streams without lyrics for you to enjoy while you prepare for finals. 

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