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Finding Full Text: Finding Full Text from Most Drew Databases

Most Drew databases or search tools provide links to:

  • The article itself (shown by a pdf, html, or "online access").


  • A page that tells you if Drew owns or has access to the article, even if it's not in the specific database you're using.


  • An interlibrary-loan request form, so that we can get the article for you from another library.

If the entry for an article has a pdf or html link, simply click on the link.

If the database doesn't contain the article

Often an article isn't in the specific database you're using, but Drew has it in another resource.  To find it, click on "Find it @Drew."



This will take you to the Full Text Finder:


Sometimes the link will only take you to another database, without linking to the specific article.  Stay in that database, and try searching by author and/or keywords from the title of the article.


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