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Subject Guide: Art History: Background

Reference Sources

Shahnama Resources

*The official Library of Congress subject heading for the Shahnama is "Firdawsī. Shāhnāmah." The diacritics aren't normally vital though, so "Shanama," "Shahnamah," or "Shahnameh" would all work. In most library databases, using Shahnam* with the asterisk should capture most variants.

Archnet: Resource on architecture and landscape architecture visual culture, and conservation issues related to the Muslim worldwith an emphasis on the Middle East and Central Asia. 

Research Guide on Islamic Manuscripts from the University of Michigan.

Bibliography on Material Investigations of Islamic Manuscripts from the University of Michigan.  Includes, conservation, enclosures, media, writing material and links to other bibliographies & Databases.

Alphabetical List of Open Access Islamic Manuscripts Collections.

Cambridge Shahnama Project

Princeton's Great Persian Book of Kings: Art Museum Online Exhibit

The Minassian Collection: Brown University's Persian, Meghal, and Indian Miniature Paintings


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