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ACS Core Pack Journals 2022: Home

A list of journals available to Drew Users offering full access to content.


The titles of ACS Journals listed below are fully accessible to Drew University students and faculty during 2022. Content from any ACS Journal not on the list below will trigger (seamless) use of the Library's pre-purchased ACS tokens (when available) for access.  Please be aware that downloading any content other than open access from ACS journals not listed below will use an ACS token (~$35 each). When tokens have been depleted, content may be requested through interlibrary loan. Please contact me if questions or concerns.


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ACS Journal titles-Academic Core Pack 2020

ACS Journals in the Academic Core Pack 2022
License Title
Accounts of Chemical Research - Current Web Edition (2022)
ACS Applied Material & Interfaces-Current Web Edition (2022)
ACS Catalysis-Web edition (2022)
ACS Legacy Archives - All Journals except JCE (dates: 1879-1995)
ACS Nano- Current Web Edition (2022)
Analytical Chemistry - Current Web Edition (2022)
Biochemistry- Current Web Edition (2022)
C&EN Global Enterprise - Current Web Edition (2022)
Chemical Reviews- Current Web Edition (2022)
Chemistry of Materials - Current Web Edition (2022)
Journal of Chemical Education - Web Edition (2022)
Environmental Science & Technology - Current Web Edition (2022)
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research - Current Web Edition (2022)
Inorganic Chemistry - Current Web Edition (2022)
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry - Current Web Edition(2022)
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry - Current Web Edition (2022)
Journal of the American Chemical Society - Current Web Edition (2022)
Langmuir - Current Web Edition (2022)
Macromolecules - Current Web Edition (2022)
Nano Letters - Current Web Edition (2022)
Organic Letters - Current Web Edition (2022)
All ACS content published between 2009 - 2013 (inclusive)
The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication 
The ACS Style Guide
The Journal of Organic Chemistry - Current Web Edition (2022)
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A- Current Web Edition (2022)
The Journal of Physical Chemistry - Current Web Edition (2022)
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B- Current Web Edition (2022)
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C- Current Web Edition (2022)

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