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ENGH/ESS 204: Environmental Writing and Ecocriticism: Tracing the Conversation

Finding Sources

To become familiar with the voices in the field, and their core arguments about your topic, you should consult books, journal articles and organizational/governmental websites.  To locate them, check catalogs, indexes and Google.

For items from a bibliography or from recommendations, first determine if the item is a journal article OR a book/part of a book.

If it is a book, search the title of the BOOK in the Drew Library Catalog.

If it is an article, search the title of the ARTICLE (not the journal) in ScholarSearch

Finding Books about a Topic

For books at Drew, check:

To identify books NOT at Drew, check:

Finding Articles about a Topic

There are several indexes to choose from.  

  • For magazine or newspaper articles, check ScholarSearch.
  • For academic/scholarly articles, check subject-specific indexes such as MLA, Greenfile, or America: History and Life.

Finding Websites and Government Documents

The simplest way to find either websites in general, or government sources, is to use Google.

  • To find organization pages, add to your search: "dakota pipeline" leads to the website of Inside Climate News.  One way to check the reliability of the organization is to do a Google search on the organization.
  • To find government sources, add to your search.

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