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WRTG 101: College Writing, Orsini: Home

for EOSL

Message from the Librarian

Dear Students:

Your job for this assignment is to use some library tools to find an article about English as a Second Language experiences or immigrant experiences from your home culture in the English-speaking world. You're looking for something that you resonate with, that you can use in your paper.

However, you don't know what that article will look like. You only know some basic things about it-- the cultures involved, that it should be able crossing boundaries or experiences of cultural divide, especially with regards to writing. You also know that it should 'feel right' for your paper. 

I like to describe library searching for papers like this being similar to online clothes shopping in that you know what you are looking for, but you have describe it to the computer. In this case, you only know a little bit about what you are looking for: as if you were looking for a special occasion outfit from scratch. You have some information (when shopping, your size!; when searching, your culture). But what you are mostly going to rely on is looking for interesting material and finding something that feels like *you*. 

That being said, let me suggest some terms you can use in your searching:

  • immigra* (immigrant, immigration, immigrating, immigrated, immigrants)
  • English as a second language OR ESL OR ESOL
  • cultural boundaries
  • cross-cultural OR multicultural
  • writing OR composition
  • student*

Helpful Search Tips

  • If you are looking for a specific phrase, put it in quotation marks: "English as a Second Language" (this also works in Google)
  • To search for different endings of a word, such as immigrant, immigrants, immigration, immigrating, put an asterisk * in place of the ending: immigra*
  • Use the Limits along the side of your search-- Scholarly Journals, Peer Reviewed
  • Connect synonyms with OR
  • Connect different concepts with AND 

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