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ESS 400: Capstone Seminar: Search Tips

Search Protocols

  • Break your topic into its component elements:
    • Using education to encourage healthy eating = education, "healthy eating"
    • Sustainability in garden design = sustainability, "garden design"
      • Combine those terms with an AND:
        • education AND "healthy eating"
        • sustainability AND "garden design"
  • Think of alternative terms for your elements:
    • Healthy eating, nutrition, diet
    • Garden design, landscape architecture
      • Combine those terms with an OR:
        • "healthy eating" OR nutrition OR diet
  • Use shortcuts:
    • To search for two or more words together, enclose them in quotations marks:  "healthy eating"
    • To search for words beginning with a common stem, put an asterisk at the end of the stem: environment* will retrieve environment, environmentalism, environments.

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