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AREL 853: Women's Graphic Storytelling: Find Books

Databases for Books

Finding books - AREL 853

Although the Drew Library Catalog will lead you to the books and government documents that Drew owns or has access to, you may wish to limit selections to online books only.

If you are close to campus, you may access print materials from the Library. If you cannot get to campus, you msy request chapters or essays within books to be scanned and sent to you, using the Request for Material Scan.  Not sure what chapter would be best?  If the Table of Contents isn't available in the Drew Catalog, try WorldCat, which sometimes has more complete descriptions that the Drew Catalog.

The Library catalog allows searchers to limit their search to "online" resources. Once in Drew's Catalog, in the menu under "Location," select "online" to limit the search to ebooks only.


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