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THEA 101 (The Art of the Play) Course Resource Guide: Home

The following resources can be used for THEA 101. Here are helpful websites for studying, video learning, and additional links for further learning.

General Study Resources

The following resources are study tools to support your learning. 

  • Mapping big concepts:

    • Go Conqr Mindmap: this tool allows students to “connect the dots” to visualize their learning

      • Tool to understand all of the “branches” from a central concept.

    • Jamboard: this is an interactive whiteboard you add to individually or with collaborators.

      • Adding “post it notes” and other textboxes to see a concept visually.

Video Resources

These videos can help you grasp concepts within the course, specifically theatrical genres, and plays covered within the course.

  • Theatre History Crash Course: this series on YouTube consists of almost 50 10-14 minute long videos covering specific topics in theatre history.

    • This series covers some of the plays and topics of this class.

  • YouTube: you can search for performances of each play covered in the course

    • You can watch productions of these plays as an alternative/supplement to reading them for your assignments.

Further Learning

You can use these links for research projects as well as rounding out your learning in the course.

  • Drew University Library Research Resources by subject: visit this page for links to databases that are geared specifically towards theatre arts.

    • Links include Kanopy (for documentaries), Performing Arts Periodicals Database, International Encylopedia of Dance, and more.

  • Theatre Historiography: this website is home for resources for “research and pedagogy” for theatre history.

    • Including links to books and articles on highly specific topics in theatre history

  • Research resources (compiled by University of Illinois)

    • Including links to books of overviews of theatre history.

  • More research resources (compiled by Elon University)

    • Including links to performing arts databases.

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