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WGST 101 Course Resource Guide: Home

The following resources can be used for WGST 101. Here are helpful websites for studying, video learning, and additional links for further learning.

General Study Resources

The following resources are study tools to support your learning. 

  • Quizlet: this website allows users to make free digital flashcards as a learning tool. You can review your course’s content with these flashcards and games.

    • Flash cards - good for vocabulary terms, concepts, figures in history 

    • Games: Quizzing yourself through games (“write,” “gravity,” and “match”)

      • (available when you click on a set of flashcards)

    • Available online and as an app on Apple and Android 

      • (the free option has most of the needed amenities)

    • Good for studying terms for exams, but you may also want to make physical flashcards if that is more effective for your studying, as writing helps your brain remember information more successfully.

  • Go Conqr Mindmap: this tool allows students to “connect the dots” to visualize their learning

    • good for understanding big ideas and the “branches” of the main concept.

Video learning

These videos can help you grasp concepts within the course.

  • Youtube: this website has scores of videos on a a variety of topics

    • A simple search of “women’s studies crash course” brings up a lot of videos about basic topics of women’s history and gender socialization

  • ABC’s of LBGT: a YouTube video series by artist, advocate, and author Ash Hardell on LGBT identity

    • Series to better understand gender diversity, sexuality diversity, etc

Further learning

Here are websites with links that can enrich your understanding of the course, as well as support your research assignments.

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