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THEA 366 (Dramaturgy) Study Resources: Home

The following resources can be used for THEA 366. Here are helpful websites for studying, audio/video learning, and additional links for further learning.

General Study Resources

The following resources are study tools to support your learning. 

  • Mapping big concepts: in dramaturgy 

    • Go Conqr Mindmap: this tool allows students to “connect the dots” to visualize their learning

      • Tool to understand all of the “branches” from a central concept.

    • Jamboard: this is an interactive whiteboard you add to individually or with collaborators

      • You can add “post it notes” and other textboxes to see a concept visually.

Audio learning

The following links are great for learning on the go, and if you understand things better when folks talk them through.

  • HowlRound Theatre Commons’ Podcast: HowlRound is a leading website for current arts happenings, focusing on inclusive, diverse storytelling communities. 

    • This podcast covers a breadth of topics in playmaking and arts/social justice projects.

  • The Narrative Breakdown: this podcast is all about writing and crafting stories.

    • This linked episode (“Dramaturgy”) talks about the dramaturg/writer relationship.

Further Learning

Here are websites with links that can enrich your understanding of the course, as well as support your research assignments.

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