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SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology: Finding Contexts Articles: Home

Sample "In Brief"

In this class  session, we will outline how to do the Contexts assignment, focusing on two Library tools:

  1. Journals by Journal Title
  2. ScholarSearch Advanced

The two links below will be used during the class.


Although straightforward, this assignment takes several steps, outlined here:

  1. Find the journal Contexts by going to Research Resources.  Scroll down to Journals by Journal Title (near the bottom of the page), and search for Contexts.
  2. Select the link that provides access to current issues (Sage), and select an issue.
  3. In the issue, find "In Brief," and scan to find a summary of interest.
  4. Identify the journal and author of the original research.
  5. Return to Research Resources, and click "Advanced Search" under the ScholarSearch box.
  6. Enter the journal title and the author.
  7. Select the article that matches the "In Brief" summary, and download it.

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