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Separating science from sensationalism. Library guide for students in Dr. McKittrick's 2020 DSEM seminar

Reference Librarian, science specialty

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Margery Ashmun
Drew University Library
36 Madison Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940


I'm Margery Ashmun, the Personal Librarian for this seminar.  I'll be contacting you several times over the course of your first year here at Drew to offer help in any of your research needs, not just for this seminar!

This guide will help you:

  • Locate helpful information.
  • Learn tricks to make using the Library easier.
  • Identify where you can get help with writing. 

When you're done here, take a look at the LibGuide "Library 101" for helpful videos and information that all incoming Drew students should know about the Library.

FAQs for DSEM students

Got questions? See if any of the FAQs below answer them...

1. Where should I start when searching for resources for my assignments?

It depends, but a good starting place is Scholarsearch. Go HERE to learn more about that resource.

2. With the Library building closed and students taking classes remotely, how do I get the actual resources I need? 

Go HERE for a quick summary of how to get what you need. Go HERE for a comprehensive Guide about Library services and resources during Fall 2020 DVT.

3. Who should I contact at the Library if I have questions about information resources, research, or any thing else related to Drew resources?

Contact me and I can direct you to the right resources or to the person you need to contact. You may also look HERE on the library’s “ask a librarian” webpage for help.

4. What are citation managers and why should I consider using one?

Go HERE to learn more about what a citation manager is and why you might want to start using one early in your academic career. I can help you with this. 

Get Help

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Phone 973-408-3588; email

Questions? Need Help? Email

Drew University Library,