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DSEM: From Aphrodite to Lady Pink: Women and Art: Home

Message from the Librarian

Dear students,

This guide includes links to resources of many types and tools for finding resources related to the course topic of Women in Art.

However, for the assignment, your goal is to find a few Scholarly Journal Articles .

There are two main interdicisplinary resources we'll suggest for this work:

  • Scholarsearch, which searches for both books at Drew and journal articles covered in many of our subscription databases. Scholarsearch can be adjusted to only show articles from scholarly journals.
    • You will also use Scholarsearch to check if Drew has a particular article.
  • Google Scholar, which searches accross journal and book publications on the web (though sometimes includes non-scholarly material)
    • Google Scholar allows you to check if there is a free copy of the article on the web, but isn't reliable about whether Drew has a copy.
    • Googl Scholar allows you to search for items that have a given article in their bibliography.

Finding related articles can be done by:

  • Searching for your topic in the search engines
  • Searching for the author of your article(s) in the search engines
  • Looking in the bibliographies of the articles
  • Looking for the article in other bibliographies

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