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DSEM: The Fiction of Evil (Hala): Home

Message from the Librarian

'Pure Evil'?! As opposed to what, fake evil? -- The Librarians (TNT)

"Please do not fan-girl over the arch villain!" -- also The Librarians (TNT)

Of course, the library and its electronic resources are chock-ful of fictional (and historical) evil. But the key is to find the right information about the right villain.

I'm your Personal Librarian, Ms. Jennifer Heise (see my contact information in the right column) and I'm here to help.

Here, we'll point you to some resources on fiction, a few on evil, and some other resources to smooth your "evil" way through this and other Drew classes.

Thinking about Searching

Looking for fictional villains?
You can try:

  • villains in literature
  • evil in literature
  • villains in fiction
  • fictional villains

Or just search by the name of your villain.

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