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DSEM: Why do we eat that? (Masucci): Menu

Message from the Librarian

From the course description: "Culture, ethnicity, race, class, geography, environment and history all intersect and clash, becoming visible in how we produce our food and what we choose to eat. In this seminar we will travel through time and across the globe to examine such questions as: How have contact, conquest, exile and immigration created and continue to create cuisines and global change.. What is the global impact of our individual food choices; how did our sweet tooth change the course of human history...why in the world do we choose to eat that?"

Finding information to address those questions will involve delving into a wide variety of subject areas, from history, environmental studies, food science and anthropology to literature, business studies and marketing. This guide hopes to provide you with a pantry of resources to choose from, and some basic skills for selecting and preparing information. Let's put on our information aprons and get to work.

How to Fact Check

Fact-checking, analyzing a particular source to determine the accuracy of its claims, is important to using information (and living an informed life). Here are two model fact-checking articles, once from the Urban Legends website Snopes, and the other from the AnnenbergCenter's Fact check. Take a look at them and see how the authors go about fact-checking the myth, urban legend, or news posting.

Jacob Savery I Interior of a Farm with Still-Life, late 1500s

Osias Beert - Still-Life with Oysters and Pastries, 1610

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