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CHEM 250L: Organic Chemistry Lab: Personal Care Product Lab: Video tutorials for prelab and other uses

Resources for students conducting the Personal Care Product Lab in Organic Chemistry Lab.

Video tutorials - CHEM 250 L - 1

CHEM 250L Registering for SciFinder (Video 3:46). To use SciFinder, students will need to register for an account.  Please view the video below  for instructions.


CHEM 250L Using SciFinder to find the structure of a PCP ingredient (Video 5:21): Margery Ashmun discusses how to use SciFinder to get information about the structure of a personal care product (PCP) ingredient. 

Video tutorials - CHEM 250 L - 2

CHEM 250L  Finding the purpose of a personal care product (PCP) ingredient (Video 5:04): Margery Ashmun shares information about websites that may help students locate information about the purpose of their PCP ingredients.

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