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CHEM 250L: Organic Chemistry Lab: Personal Care Product Lab: Finding information about structure

Resources for students conducting the Personal Care Product Lab in Organic Chemistry Lab.

Finding information about chemical structure

Substance Searching in Scifinder-web (traditional version)

Once logged into SciFinder, find Substance Identifier in the left search column and click on it.

The search box will change.Type in the name of your substance in the search box and click Search.

The substance search in Scifinder

Substance Search Results

You'll see information for one or more substances that match your keyword displayed on the screen. Click on the CAS number to see the entire entry.

Substance Search result

In the Chemical Substance entry:

A- is the chemical formula

B- is the structure diagram

C- Is the CAS Number for the Substance.

D- Is a link to get references (articles, patents etc) that are linked with this substance.

Chemical Substance Entry for Linalool, with labels

If you click on the "Get References" tab at the top of the Substance Entry, you will be asked to limit your results-- we suggest Uses and Properties

Limiting the results by substance

Scifinder searches will likely produce a lot of patent material. To limit just to journal articles:

  1. In the left menu, click the Refine tab.
  2. Under Refine by, choose Document Type.
  3. Under Document Type list, choose Journal.
  4. Click Refine.

Limiting your Scifinder search to journal articles

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