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CHEM 250L: Organic Chemistry Lab: Personal Care Product Lab: Cite Sources

Resources for students conducting the Personal Care Product Lab in Organic Chemistry Lab.

Citation management

Citation management: Using a citation manager like will save you so much time. Please consider taking a look at how to use it--you'll be glad you did! The video tutorial below will get you started-- it was created by another Library, but ignore that and you'll find it helpful. The Endnote color scheme has changed since the video was made, but the functionality is essentially the same. 

Citation Guides

Citation Tools

There are a number of different programs that will help you collect, manage and format the citation information for your research resources. The following are free ones the library is currently supporting:

Endnote Online / Endnote Web

Available from:

Free online version of classic citation manager software to help manage your bibliographic needs, inlcuding organizing sources and citations by project,  sharing citations for group work, and for "citing while you write", i.e. inserting citations into papers while writing.

You'll need to sign up for EndnoteWeb and install the Cite-While-You-Write tool.

Instructions for Drew users:


Zotero is a free citation management program with an online storage component. It can be downloaded from

You'll want to sign up for a account to save your references, and install the helper apps for your browser and Word.

Notes for Drew users:


EasyBib is an ad-supported citation formatting tool. Drew Library has a coupon code to allow Drew students to sign up for an account and create projects saving their citations. Best for short papers and uncomplicated citations. Also includes tips for evaluating sources and analyzing your bibliography.

You'll need to create an account and enter Drew's coupon code 

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