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ART 130: Photography I: Find Images


Using Artstor


ARTstor is a digital library of more than one million images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences with a suite of software tools to view, present, and manage images for research and pedagogical purposes. The collections comprise contributions from outstanding museums, photographers, libraries, scholars, photo archives, and artists and artists’ estates.

ArtStor Options: Advanced Search and Login

Once you get into ArtStor Library:

  • Use the Advanced Search to look for images by creator, classification, and other descriptive information-- click on "Advanced Search" under the main search box.
  • Register for/Login to your ArtStor account (it's free) to save a selection of images to go back to later, and, best of all, download your saved images as a Powerpoint.

Once in the Advanced Search window

  • type in the name of your photographer in the first search box
  • changed the drop down next to that first search box to Creator  (meaning the photographer)
  • choose Photographs in the Classification box
  • Click Search.


ArtStor Results

After completing your search, Artstor will show you thumbnails of each image that matches your search.

You can click on an particular image to see a larger version and individually download, save or print it-- or look at more closely.

Or you can select multiple images and save them as a set, by clicking on the check boxes that appear above the images when you mouse over them.

Once you've selected (some of) the images you want in your group, go to the Organize tab at the top, and choose Save to New Image Group.

Create a new image group

In the pop-up window, give your new group a name.

Choose whether you want your group visible to everyone else at Drew, or only you

Click Save Changes

Saving your images as a powerpoint.

When the new group is created, you can click on "go to group', or, later, go to the Browse Tab, choose Image Groups, and click on the group you want.

Once you are looking at the group, click Download just above the images, and choose Request PPT . A powerpoint containing each of the images as a separate slide will download.

Scanning images

What if you want to use an image that isn't on ArtStor?

Copyright allows you to make a temporary copy of an image for presentation in a classroom for the purpose of study and teaching. So, you can scan the image from a print book and insert it into your powerpoint, but only if you don't save that image in your Drew portfolio or put it on the web.

For this purpose, the library has a self-service scanning station in the photocopy area, where you can scan images and save them on a USB stick or on your Google Drive-- you will even be able to crop your scans as you go. Ask at the Research Helpdesk.

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